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Connecting the dots...

The process...

1. Join the CV network for FREE!

  • Visit
  • On the phone - We call you (200+ calls a day) or you call us.
  • Face to face meetings - in one of our many events and gatherings

  • 2. Fill in many CVs as you can

  • Signup and fill in CVs with much as you know
  • For yourself
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Relative or friends.
  • Anyone looking to get married and you want help or represent them.
  • No more printed CVs - just say + CV code (eg. 21C1)

  • 3. Set CV privacy level

  • Now you have no reason to shy away from creating a CV.
  • Public - Only Members can see the CV or anyone using the CV code.
  • Private - Only the one who knows the Private CV Code.
  • Hidden - Only you and us, so we keep an eye out for you.
  • Create a CV, by filling in the form, so we know you are serious!

  • Create CV

    4. Start searching...

  • We contact you regarding a potential match.
  • You contact us regarding a potential match.

  • 5. If there is a match...

  • We contact both parties to encourage them to take things further. The traditional way..

  • Everyone does their bit to get this ummah moving..

    Making Halal Possible..

    Full guide coming soon, which will go through every element of the process including filling in CVs, photo uploads to charges etc.