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Store and Share
Create CVs
Edit CVs
Upload Photos
View CVs
View CV Extras
View Photo
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Check references
Matchmakers give priority.
Actively search for a match (phone)
5 Contacts and liaisons a month
Unlimited Contacts and liaisons a month
Upload videos
Tailored CV help
Coaching and photo shoot
Half price events tickets
Priority at pursuing potential groom/bride
Acting on your behalf, mahram, reference etc

Payments options - get ahead

Click on one of the Subscribe buttons below to make contact and begin enjoying your premium membership benefits immediately.
You can pay monthly, or 3, 6 or every 12 months. The last green option is to pay for additional Contacts, liaisons and marriage payments.

Membership: Monthly for £20
Normal fee £30 a Month!
Offer: get 33% off for this month
Membership: 3 Months for £85
From £28.33 a Month!
Pay for 3 months and save £5
Membership: 6 Months for £160
From £26.60 a Month!
Pay for 6 months and save £20
Membership: 12 Months for £300
From little as £25 a Month!
Pay for 12 months and save £60
VIP Membership:
Monthly for £150

This service is for the serious marriage seeker!
You get VIP treatment, our full attention and quick results.
Unlimited Contacts and liaisons.

Other payments
Pay for additional Contacts and liaisons.
Also agreed payment on marriage fees.
Additional Services and fees

You can Cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the Members Area. Your subscription will expire at the end of the current billing period.

FREE Members

As a non-paying member, you can do many things that will increase your chances of finding a marriage partner and produce some results, However you need to be active and take every lead to the finish. Paying members can contact you.

Standard services

A service not comparable to anyone else.

We go and find what you are looking for

This is where we do all of the basic services plus actively search for a match in the phone calls and website. We pass your details to our helpers and give you priority. If you are serious about marriage, the price is only a bar of kitkat a day.

VIP Member service

This is where we do all of the above plus we try to meet you in person and on the phone. We chat about your CV, provide guidance, diversify your search, identify where you are going wrong, perhaps you are too picky or setting standards too high. We help you become more eligible marriage material, address and assist your needs. Will assist in arranging meetings and mahram issues. Liaise with the other party to get things moving.

We can check references and report on what they have disclosed to us. This service is worth every penny, your car hire on the wedding day will cost a lot more!

Our standard fees

This is to cover running costs, marriages cost 000's why fight over £20/£30?

Contact means:
  • We call/Email/text both sides, exchange photos etc, they give the go ahead.
  • Great! swap mahram and contact details.
  • The parties make direct contact with each other like the traditional method.
  • We encourage them to take things further.
  • We check and make sure they go all the way if possible!
  • Wedding ....!

  • Note:
    For standard members we aim to have 4 contacts a month.
    any additional is charged at the rate mentioned above.
    For VIP members there is no extra charge, and since we have genuine people, seriously looking to get married! your marriage could just be round the corner.

    You can suggest your own fee structures.
    We will try to accept any reasonable arrangements.

    Why waste your money On other sites?
  • Are you fed-up of emails that never get read!
  • People you wonder if they are real?
  • They ask for a Photo and then are never heard from again!
  • Only get people who are too old or students seeking some fun!
  • Only on the Internet so miss out many good people.

  • When:
  • We contact all parties by phone, mobile, email and even visit.
  • They are 100% genuine.
  • We cover all Internet, Phone, and face to face, newspaper , events etc.

  • Signup and post CV NOW >> .